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Copyright Protection for Clothing Designs Unlikely to Pass in 2013

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–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Copycat dress from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (left) and Alexander McQueen dress (right) Warner Brothers certainly could have afforded to buy an authentic Alexander McQueen rather than copying. As the year draws to an end and newly elected members of Congress celebrate over mimosas this morning, I thought we’d check… Continue Reading

The Fashion Bill Slowly Creeps Towards Becoming a Law

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–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Above, my favorite latest designer ripoff – the Kate Middleton wedding dress. A cheaper version of the Alexander McQueen designer’s, Sara Burton, vision, so now every bride can feel like a princess… (photo credit to Mirror.co.uk) With New York Fashion Week nearing its end, and the whirl of Forever 21’s sewing machines beginning… Continue Reading