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A Tipping Point For Super Bowl Advertisements?

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-Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash Name Development I was largely unimpressed with the crop of Super Bowl ads this year. It seemed to me that advertisers have chased “form over function” and have forgotten that when you spend $5 million for a 30-second ad you should probably sell some product to offset that cost. There were… Continue Reading

The End of Bland Names?

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-Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash Name Development Publicis Groupe, the holding company of worldwide marketing agencies, has been restructuring over the past year. In March they announced a major restructuring of their media arm Publicis Media that broke apart longtime media agency ZenithOptimedia. Zenith now operates as a standalone agency, while Optimedia joined forces with Blue… Continue Reading

Increase Recall of Your Message By…

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-Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash Name Development Yes, I know the title of this post is incomplete. That is what this post is all about. Marketers know that “unfinished tasks” are the most memorable. Your brain seeks “cognitive closure” and so you will remember unfinished tasks until you complete them. This effect is called the Zeigarnik effect… Continue Reading

Worst Frankename ever?

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– Brent Carlson-Lee To quote Mark Prus, Principal at NameFlash, Frankenames are “names created by slamming two or more word parts together to make a new name. This would include a name like “Toasterrific” (toaster + terrific).” See full article here. Despite his warning, the proliferation of Frankenames continues. In fact, I am an owner… Continue Reading

McDonald’s Trade Dress? State Farm is There.

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Passing by a roadside billboard recently (below is a miniature version I found in the Minneapolis skyway system), my first thought was, wow, McDonald’s is getting into the juicy lucy business: Until more focus revealed that State Farm Insurance is the one behind the ad. Look familiar? No doubt burgers and car insurance are totally different lines of business and… Continue Reading

Authentic Versus Inauthentic Branding

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—Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlashSM Name Development Häagen-Dazs. Mmmmm. Just the thought of their ice cream makes me feel good. And I know it will taste good because it was born in Scandinavia, right? Then I learned the brand history. I must say I was disappointed. Häagen-Dazs was born in the Bronx, New York in 1961…. Continue Reading

Decide on the “Why,” Not the “What”

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—Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlashSM Name Development If you have kids, you know that they all pass through the “Why Phase,” where they keep asking “Why?” until you ultimately resort to the conversation-ending phrase “Ask your Mother (or Father).” You probably are also familiar with the “5 Whys” technique of asking “Why” at least 5 times… Continue Reading

When it Comes to Guest Blogging: Fine or Just Fine?

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In many contexts of our life experience, "fine" sadly seems to have drifted toward embodying mediocrity. Consider this all too common dialogue: "How are you?" "Oh, I’m fine."  Or, perhaps, "Just fine." Translation: "O.K.," "average," "acceptable," "passable," "satisfactory," "I can’t complain," "I’ve been better," or maybe "could be much better" . . . . After all, how interested or… Continue Reading

Sonic Bimbo

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—Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlashSM Name Development Sonic Bimbo…the name of a new exotic dancer? A new punk rock band? A roller derby team from Seattle? While those are great uses for that name (and don’t bother to check, I’ve already registered the .com domain name!), I’m not talking about that…I’m talking about the outstanding use… Continue Reading

How Do You Know?

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—Mark Prus, Marketing Consultant at NameFlashSM I received a lot of terrific feedback on my recent Duets Blog post “When Should You Change Your Name?” Consider this Volume 2 in the series.   After you have decided to change your name, “How Do You Know When You Have Identified a Great Name?”  This could also… Continue Reading

When Should You Change Your Name?

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—Mark Prus, Marketing Consultant at NameFlashSM In my NameFlashSM name development business, I sometimes get asked by clients, “Should I change my brand name?” From a purely selfish standpoint my answer should be “YES!” because I get paid to generate names! But the reality is that there are times when you should not change your… Continue Reading

Good Name, Bad Name? It Depends.

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—Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlashSM Name Development There is a local furniture store in Pittsburgh called Colonial Modern Furniture. Its slogan is “It’s Colonial. It’s Modern. And everything in between.” This demonstrates one of the biggest mistakes people make in picking a name—developing a name that tries to speak to everyone. I’m sorry, but apart from… Continue Reading

Trademark Bully Baloney?

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In the wake of all the discussion and debate over “trademark bullying,” NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses), the self-proclaimed Voice of Small Business, recently offered its members and followers “5 Steps to Avoid Corporate Trademark Bullying“: Do Your Homework; Choose a Descriptive Business Name; Use Common Sense; Consider Buying Intellectual Property Insurance; and When in Doubt,… Continue Reading

Is the iPad Name Going Generic?

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—Mark Prus, Marketing Consultant at NameFlashSM Like many professional name developers, I opened 2010 by making fun of the Apple iPad name. Steve Jobs gave a strong case for naming the “tablet pc” in a way that was consistent with previous Apple naming conventions (iPod, iTunes, iPhone), but many of us poked fun at the… Continue Reading

Wary of Trademark Infringement?

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—Mark Prus, Marketing Consultant at NameFlashSM I am a professional name developer. As part of my naming service, I employ a trademark attorney to give me advice on the availability of the names I develop. If there is any question about the availability of a name, I either strike it from the client submission or… Continue Reading

Sharing Accolades

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We are humbled to share some more exciting news with you. Invesp’s list of the Top 100 Branding Blogs includes DuetsBlog, here. Thank you very much! OnlineDegree Blog has named the 50 Best Blogs for Creative Thinking, and ranked DuetsBlog as #10 on the list. Many thanks for the kind words and the strong vote of confidence!… Continue Reading

The Long and Short of Name Development

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by Mark Prus of NameFlashSM Some of my name development clients are fans of long, keyword-rich names. Obviously the appeal of a search engine spotting your website is driving this approach. Some of my naming clients are fans of short names that can be easily shared on Twitter. Which approach is better? I will confess… Continue Reading

Naming the Store Brand

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          Every Sunday I go through the circulars in the paper looking for new products. I usually spend a lot of time with the ads from the national drug store chains (Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid). Recently, I observed that each chain seems to have a radically different philosophy on store brand naming. And while this observation isn’t… Continue Reading

To Google Or Not To Google

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Full disclosure…I own Google stock. I like their products and their potential. However, I am more than a bit concerned about how they use their names and trademarks. Microsoft® names its products in a traditional fashion. Microsoft is the company; names like Windows, Silverlight, Bing are clearly the products. A very logical naming architecture that makes it clear where… Continue Reading