Last week I blogged about how the Cleveland Indians could save some face by re-branding Chief Wahoo:

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Turns out there are some who believe that Chief Wahoo is a “tribute” to or the logo actually pays “homage” to Louis Sockalexis, who Baseball Almanac has reported to be professional baseball’s first American Indian player. He apparently played for the Cleveland “Spiders” from 1897-99.

Last night the Cleveland Indians came to town to play the struggling Minnesota Twins, and on my way home leaving downtown Minneapolis this evening I noticed a number of baseball fans heading toward the Metrodome adorned with Chief Wahoo logo-wear.

Funny thing, no one was wearing or carrying anything even remotely resembling Louis Sockalexis:

Louis Sockalexis

OK, enough said on the “tribute” and “homage” rationales for keeping Wahoo.