–Dan Kelly, Attorney

In light of the news of Michael Jackson’s passing (may he rest in peace), and as we ready for the likely months-long parade of tributes, allow me to make mine early, and then be done.

Despite the corpus of undeniably catchy pop music, standard-setting music videos, and well-recognized dance moves, I submit that Michael Jackson’s glove stands out as his most recognizable trademark.  Gossip columnists have called Michael Jackson “The Gloved One,” and several of today’s news reports are leading with references to his glove and featuring photos of it.  Although it appears that the glove was never a federally registered trademark — and it easily could have been — it was undoubtedly a highly distinctive common law non-traditional trademark.  In non-legalese:  If you saw the glove, you knew the entertainer to be Michael Jackson.

Here is a slightly humorous jab at “the glove” being, like performer that wore it, larger than life:

This is but one of many videos made as a result of the White Glove Tracking Project — a fascinating endeavor by a bunch of people with way too much time on their hands.