Clients and friends have enjoyed passing yesterday’s Dilbert cartoon on to me, just for fun (I think).

So, for those of you who weren’t sure we could take not only a lawyer joke, but a “trademark infringement lawyer” joke, read on:

Having said that, I think we already demonstrated our ability to self-deprecate with the best of them, by adopting our favorite cartoon labeling the “trademark attorney” as “the most basic figure,” here.

OK, show of hands, how many of you have left the world of patents for trademarks?

For a post that points out the confusion between patents and trademarks, see Techdirt.

One more show of hands, how many of you are billing by the hour?

I have no more questions.

Likelihood of Confusion, weighs in on the subject, here.

For perhaps the most detailed and cat-like analysis of the subject, see IPKat, here.