As we begin the new year, we thought it might be a good opportunity to take a brief trip down memory lane, to identify, remind you of, and/or introduce you to what appear to be some of the most popular DuetsBlog posts from 2009 (ordered by date, not by popularity):

  1. Non-Verbal Logos That Can Stand Alone, And One That Can’t
  2. Unlawful to Rollerblade?: An Important Lesson in Product/Service Naming
  3. Do I Need To Register The Stylized Form of My Mark
  4. "Re-Branding Madness in Washington" Overlooks Obvious: The Washington Redskins
  5. "Chief Wahoo" Re-Branding Underway? A Painful Lesson on Saving Face
  6. Tasty Humor?
  7. Just Verb It? A Legal Perspective on Using Brands As Verbs: Part I
  8. The Case of the Screwed Screw Maker
  9. Just Verb It? Part II: A Legal Perspective on Using Brands As Verbs
  10. Rapala Fishing Lures: More Hits Than Google? Or, More Cats Than You Can Shake a Stick At?
  11. Just Verb It? Part III: Testing the "Slippery Slope" of Using Brands as Verbs
  12. Without Words, But Not Speechless: More On Non-Verbal Logos That Can Stand Alone
  13. Pros and Cons of Stand-Alone Non-Verbal Logos and Other Trademark Styles: A Legal Perspective
  14. I See Blue Ovals
  15. Counting By Numbers, or Stripes? A Likelihood of Confusion Tale.
  16. The P-Word
  17. Alpha Watch: Li’l "a" Goes to the "e" Market
  18. Fair Use of 3M’s Post-It Note?
  19. You Mess with Red Bull, You Get the Horns!
  20. Corporate Coups and Trademark Abandonment
  21. My Aha Moment
  22. Getting Familiar With the Basics: A Planning Primer
  23. Double Negatives in Branding: Nobody Doesn’t = Everybody Does?
  24. Who Owns a Trademark Worth $19 Million?
  25. An Ode to the Brand of Brands, the King of Cola: Coke

We look forward to continuing our conversation with you during 2010!

Happy New Year!