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Monthly Archives: November 2010

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Whip Me Please. Don’t Ask.

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—Aaron Keller, Capsule How do you feel when you’re being a bit indulgent? Guilty, perhaps. Sometimes it’s just something small, something you can enjoy without too much of an afterthought. The whipped cream atop your favorite coffee house (low fat) drink might be one of those treats. It is for me. But recently I’ve noticed… Continue Reading


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  Monday, November 9, 2010 marked the release of yet another title in the often controversial “Call of Duty” video game franchise and, with that, the release of controversial advertising. Of particular note is the below commercial featuring Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel in a no-holds-barred shootout meant to illustrate the experience of on-line gameplay. Not… Continue Reading

DVR Killed The Video Ad?

Posted in Advertising, Branding, Guest Bloggers, Marketing, Television

—David Mitchel, Norton Mitchel Marketing In 1981, MTV’s first music video was The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star”. The title of that song could be adapted to ask a more modern question. Is the DVR killing television advertising? Also, can brands successfully use television advertising in the era of the DVR? I strongly believe… Continue Reading

Will Instant Searching Drive Branding?

Posted in Branding, Search Engines

–Dan Kelly, Attorney Stephen Stolfi of CT Corsearch wrote an article published on IP Law 360 last week (subscription required) about Google Instant.  Google is remarkable enough as is.  Google Instant is downright unsettling–a search engine that finds what you’re looking for before you finish typing it in.  Mr. Stolfi observes how this might benefit brands… Continue Reading

The Night (Some of) the Lights Went Out at Sears

Posted in Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Sight, Trademarks

Sorry, I couldn’t resist snapping this photo tonight at the local Sears appliance store: Could Sears be going green and saving some electricity? Could Sears be suggesting it is ready to carefully listen to your requests and/or complaints? Or, has Sears found a creative way to promote its sale of Ultimate Ears earphones in the dark? More seriously, this… Continue Reading