Because, we plan to be here a while longer . . . .

As DuetsBlog approaches the legal drinking age (whoops, I guess we’re only about 21 months old, not years, sorry), we’d like to pay special thanks to our guest bloggers, our loyal readers, our friends who spread the word through their tweets and in other ways, and especially those readers who are so willing to publicly share online their positions, insights, perspectives, and comments.

Besides approaching the 21 month anniversary from our launch on March 5, 2009, with over six hundred posts, and over eight hundred published comments, DuetsBlog has recently passed the half a million mark on visits, so thank you all very much!

In addition to sharing your comments, please keep your ideas coming for topics you’d like us to cover, and keep your guest blogging requests coming too!

We enjoy the opportunity and value the privilege to share your voice.

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