As we approach the end of the year, we thought it might be a good opportunity to take a brief trip down memory lane, to identify, remind you of, and/or introduce you to what appear to be some of the most popular DuetsBlog posts during 2010 (ordered by date, not by popularity):

  1. How Realistic is the Risk of Trademark Genericide?
  2. Open Source Software in the Cloud
  3. Roof Collapse at Mall of America (Field)
  4. Iron-clad Liability Protection for Idea Submissions?
  5. Get Your Paper Jamz Guitars While You Can
  6. When Employees Go Online: The Risks of Social Media to Employers
  7. Facebook Needs Dislike Option for Lamebook
  8. Shot in the Dark – the PPK Design Trademark
  9. The Mark of a Real Trademark Bully
  10. Are Georgia-Pacific’s Paper Towel Lawsuits All Wet?
  11. Collar + Cuffs = Stripper?
  12. "Hot Wheels" Casino Promotion: Apparently Not a Toy Story
  13. Nominative Fair Use of Trademarks in Domain Names
  14. Has The Structure Brand Crumbled?
  15. IP Grammar . . . and Those Who Cringe About It
  16. World Cup Advertising Creates Trademark Enforcement Work For FIFA
  17. Art-ful Disclosure?
  18. Retailer Ann Taylor Dodges FTC’s First Endorsement Enforcement Bullet
  19. One Great Tub Deserves Another 
  20. Managing The Legal Risk of "Verbing Up" Brands and Trademarks
  21. Effective & Ineffective Uses of Popular Music in Advertising
  22. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated: The Quizzical Case of Celebrity Look Alikes
  23. Droid: An "Eye" Phone?
  24. Having Your Head in the Clouds May Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All
  25. Best Buy, Resurrected From the Trademark Graveyard?
  26. Emoticons as Trademarks 
  27. Product Packaging Trends: Less is Less
  28. Branding in Pop Culture: How Brands Avoid Negative Associations
  29. Burlington Coat Factory’s Claim of Naked Licensing Is Not A Ploy To Increase Coat Sales
  30. Seth Godin on Trademark? 
  31. Shaun White’s Trademark Move
  32. Color Trademarks, Red Knobs, and Secondary Meaning
  33. A Frisbee By Any Other Name?
  34. Super Bowl Advertising: A Super Media Buy?
  35. First iPhone, Now iPad: Guessing at Apple’s Trademark Clearance Strategy 
  36. Accenture’s New Ad Campaign: Elephants, Frogs, & Tiger, Oh My!
  37. Brand Signals: The Building Blocks of Brand Identity 
  38. Sensory Overload
  39. "SWISS": Not a Neutral Mark
  40. Protecting Fonts

We look forward to continuing our conversation with you during 2011! Happy New Year!