Look what the email spam filter snagged for the holidays:

As you may recall, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen iPad brand bait email solicitations. Back when they first appeared, the ownership of the iPad name was unsettled, but since then, it appears Apple has secured federal registration of the iPad brand name and trademark, at least, for a "hand-held computing device for wireless networking in a retail environment."

But, interestingly, Apple isn’t the only owner of iPad as a trademark.

So, as popular and notorious as Apple Computer’s iPad device is, it seems fair to ask, can Apple own a famous trademark in iPad worthy of federal dilution protection, when others (such as Mag-Tek, Siemens, and Coconut Grove Pads), each own federal trademark registrations for their own iPad trademark in connection with other goods?

Might the answer to that question explain why Apple apparently chose not to oppose registration of yet another’s iPad trademark, this one for a medical device?

I’m thinking, just because a product might be famous doesn’t necessarily mean the trademark for the product is also famous.

What do you think?