–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

Just the other day I was perusing one of my local food blog roll favorites, the Hot Dish section of City Pages, when I learned that a new coffee shop, Blue Ox, is opening not too far from where I live.  The new shop, joins another local “ox” in town, Green Ox, purveyor of (delicious, I can attest) charcuterie and meats.

That got me to thinking, what’s with oxen and food?  What about other animals?  If the USPTO trademark database is any evidence, there seems to be a trend in animal names for everything from soda pop to bacon.  Here are just a few foods (and beastly names) for thought:

GREEN OX: for a variety of meats (including bacon!)

GREEN TIGER: for seafood

GREEN ELEPHANT: rice and rice based foods

RED BULL: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

RED DRAGON: tea, coffee and energy drinks

RED ROOSTER: processed vegetables and fruits

RED COW: cheese

BLUE ELEPHANT: animal-based foodstuffs and vegetable-based foodstuffs


BLUE OX: beer

BLUE OX: potatoes

PINK COW: ice cream, ice milk and frozen yogurt

PINK FLAMINGO: soft drinks

What do you think is so appetizing about such names?