Aaron Keller, Principal at Capsule

We produce intellectual property. We use our brains, our hands and our hearts to design engaging experiences for our clients. Whether its a package design, a logo or a name, we pour passion into creating intellectual property.

So, here’s an interesting story and we’d like to get a perspective on what we should do.

Capsule designed a logo, signage, ad campaign, and a variety of other materials for the Myth Nightclub when it originally opened. The venture went bankrupt and was eventually sold to new ownership. For an idea of what the old owner was like, here’s a current article on him. All good and fine, but as sometimes happens, this former owner failed to pay the final bill and while we pursued with some tenacity, we didn’t take the issue to a final destination. So, we still own the underlying copyrights in our work and a cool domain address, www.mythnightclub.com.

So, now what? Do we contact the new owners, whom likely have no idea what hidden debts came with the Myth Nightclub name? Do we pull up in a beat up truck and start taking our logo design off the building? Do we contact our burly (by reputation only) intellectual property lawyer? Do we merely brag to our friends again that we were part of the origin of this brand of entertainment? We own the copyrights and the domain, so we could just use that to start up our own Myth Nightclub and offer up a superior entertainment option in another part of the city? We could also sell it to First Avenue or another venue.

What do you think? Anyone looking to start a dance club / concert venue?