–Susan Perera, Attorney

Most of us are fairly familiar with the use of Twitter.  Like Facebook, this social networking giant has inserted itself into our lives, it is almost difficult to find a business that is not active on Facebook, Twitter, or both.   You can even follow us on Twitter at @duetsblog and @susanperera (no apologizes for the shameless plug).

A few years ago the term “tweet” would only bring to mind the sound of birds, but it’s now easily recognized in connection with Twitter.  While, Twitter attempted to register TWEET in August of last year it’s U.S. trademark application for TWEET was refused due to a likelihood of confusion with LET YOUR AD MEET TWEETS (owned by Twittad).

It appears that Twitter has taken the matter to a California district court arguing that Twittad’s registration threatens to block Twitter from registering its well-known mark.

This again underlines the importance of early trademark filing and we will be following any developments in this case.  What are you “tweeting” about?