Social media is a topic I (would like to think I) know a lot about. As much as I advise my clients (the attorneys here at W&W) to use social media, the key to the whole equation is taking it offline and “backing up” what you’ve said over the interwebs.

In a world where the Internet rules, words can sometimes get lost in translation. Especially when there are only 140 characters to get your point across. So take it offline. Go to a networking function. Schedule a happy hour. Join a club. Stop by their office. Do something. Sitting at the computer only gets you so far.

So what are you doing to meet that end? This is what I mean by actions. What steps have you taken to take your online relationship to the next level (no, we’re not talking dating)?

And when you finally get that face-to-face time, make sure you are doing everything you said you were going to do, and be who you are online and off. Don’t pretend you’re outspoken when you’re shy; don’t lie. Be transparent (you’ll hear that a lot from me). Call when you say you’re going to call. Do the things that you promised, and more! Exceeding expectations is a good thing. Go out of your way to do something for someone. Even something simple.

The smallest things in life can mean a lot. Backing up the “big talk” in person is everything.

What have you done for someone that made a difference in your relationship with them?

[photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes’ flickr]