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The matchup for Super Bowl XLVI has now been set. In less than two weeks, about 100 Million people will be watching the New England Patriots play the New York Giants in a rematch from Super Bowl XLII four years ago.

Around Super Bowl time in 2010 and 2011, I wrote about Super Bowl ads in this space. This year, I’m taking a look at the history of Super Bowl logos.

Logos are an integral part of the marketing mix. There are certainly more integral components, but a logo goes a long way. It is how the famous adage of a picture saying 1,000 words is applied in marketing. A lot of brands have obtained an advantage through their logos. Apple, Nike, McDonald’s and BMW are examples of the importance of the logo.

With Super Bowl logos, I evaluated them based on the following components:

  1. A meaningful connection to professional football. After all, the logo of the Super Bowl is an important part of how the NFL brands itself. Professional sports is a multibillion dollar business.
  2. A reflection of the host city of the game. Hosting a Super Bowl helps put a city on the map, makes an economic impact for a region and can help attract trade shows, conventions and even tourists to an area.
  3. How visually appealing it is
  4. How it stands the test of time

My grading scale was simple. I used A,B,C,D,F, and no pluses/minuses because my undergrad alma mater used that scale.

And speaking of higher education, there is not a trace of grade inflation here. Super Bowl logos earned a cumulative GPA of 2.65.

Special thanks to sportslogos.net. Without that website, this article would have been far more difficult.
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Intellectual property cases are expensive to litigate. When a brand owner finds itself charged with infringement of intellectual property rights, it is always worth a close examination of any applicable insurance policies to determine whether the carrier has a duty to defend the claims.

Here are five key points that intellectual