Here are some of your apparently favorite memories from 2011, note not all were published in 2011, there are some oldies but goodies mixed in too:

  1. Which Non-Verbal Logo Doesn’t Belong?
  2. You Mess with Red Bull, You Get the Horns!
  3. Taylor Swift’s Signature Trademark?
  4. "Hot Wheels" Casino Promotion: Apparently Not a Toy Story
  5. Samuel Adams Better Beer Glass . . . No Trademark For You?
  6. lower case branding & visual identity
  7. Has The Structure Brand Crumbled?
  8. I See Blue Ovals
  9. Brand Revitalization: Branding’s Fountain of Youth
  10. Taking Branding Cues from Q in the Single-Letter Trademark Queue
  11. Effective & Ineffective Uses of Popular Music in Advertising
  12. When Employees Go Online: The Risks of Social Media to Employers
  13. "Los Doyers" Goes Legit. Are You Cheering?
  14. Just Verb It? A Legal Perspective on Using Brands As Verbs: Part I
  15. Louboutin in Danger of Losing the Red-Soled Trademark
  16. The Mark of a Real Trademark Bully
  17. Art-ful Disclosure?
  18. A World Without Brands
  19. Aflac Duck Speechless Over Gilbert Gottfried’s Firing
  20. Up On The Rooftop, Reindeer Pause, Out Jumps Good Old Counterfeit Clause.

So, which ones have I missed, anyone, anyone?

Happy New Year to All!