We have good news and sad news (no bad news). Let’s start with the good news.

Sharon Armstrong was offered a sweet in-house trademark counsel position with 3M, the land of many well-known consumer brands: 3M, Post-It, Scotch, and Nexcare, to name just a few.

Now the sad news (from our perspective), Sharon has accepted the position, so, we’re now in the position of already missing her wit, thoughtfulness, smarts, and charm — in the office, outside the office, and here on DuetsBlog. As you are well aware, over the last 3 1/2 years, Sharon has shown a distinctive flair for writing on a wide range of topics, many of them inspired by the current events of the day. Her insights were consistently bright, thoughtful, clever, and valuable information for brand owners. Here are some of my personal favorites:

To make sure that Sharon’s DuetsBlog bio is not lost into cyberspace as we transfer her likeness and posts from the sidebar and move them to the guest blogger tag, we have reproduced her bio here:

“Voted most likely to become an actress while in pre-school, I don’t think I surprised anyone by becoming a lawyer, the steadiest professional gig open to those with a flair for the dramatic. Instead of taking to the stage, however, my first career was in arts administration and fundraising at the Los Angeles Opera. Four years of opera taught me how to listen and fine-tuned my patience with opaque language — skills that have served me well as an attorney. A newcomer to the state of Minnesota, I spent my first years of legal practice in Las Vegas, advising clients in the casino, real estate, banking and entertainment industries on domain name acquisition and enforcement, and trademark and copyright counseling and litigation, or what I like to call “the law of shopping.”

Sharon, we’ll miss you, every day of the week. Please don’t be a stranger.