Brent Carlson-Lee

Steve Baird has written about the proliferation of so-called artisan products.  While this term’s prominence in marketing is relatively recent, the act of claiming quality and care in the production of consumer goods is nothing new.

Hand-tossed pizza has long evoked images of old-fashioned pizzerias where children look through the window in amazement as pizza dough floats through the air. “He’s gonna drop it this time, right?”

But consider the neon sign below, which likely evokes less idealistic images. Violence comes to mind.

Clearly not all “how it’s made” messages are created equal, and sometimes it’s best to keep things to your self.

McDonald’s has this figured out. While Burger King communicates its flame-broiled burgers you don’t hear McDonald’s talk about how its burgers are fried to perfection by a machine that requires nearly no human intervention.