Christmas for many of us means traditions and spending time with friends and family.  Maybe you have wrapped up under the tree some underwear, GoldieBlox, and the latest Call of Duty game (but hopefully not any gift certificates for Botox treatments).   Maybe you play games as a family like Cards Against Humanity.  Maybe you are going to go see a movie like Frozen in the theater (the movie is the subject of a recent trademark lawsuit by Disney).  Your family get-togethers probably involve a Christmas ham or turkey, nuts, some handcrafted chocolates, and, let’s face it, probably some Crown, Tanqueray, or Baileys.  Or, maybe, like in my family, you go bowling with your cousins late on Christmas Eve and sing “happy birthday” to Jesus.

Whatever the traditions that have acquired distinctiveness for your family, from all of us here at DuetsBlog, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.