Online advertising is unavoidable for most businesses given that large percentage of Americans spend a significant amount time in a day staring at a computer screen or glued to their mobile devices. Video ads, for example, are rising in popularity. Last December, 188.2 million Americans watched a total of 52.4 billion videos according to comScore.

However, a large percentage of online advertising revenue is wasted on fraud and piracy. And the most recent threat to your online ad dollar is the use of several, tiny websites all arranged on a single Web page. These tiny websites are smaller than a needlepoint, but displayed genuine advertisements even though the ads could not be seen with the naked eye.

Every time someone clicked on the domain name for the website that contained the organized, microscopic websites, the companies that had their advertisements displayed on the microscopic websites were changed.

The moral of the story is to thoroughly vet any online advertising providers before handing over your advertising dollar.