As we start to think about welcoming in the weekend, why don’t we all hum this Pure Prairie League tune, while viewing this image and reading this very brief blog post:

As this image (that I snapped this morning) shows, the skyway in downtown Minneapolis is sporting a relatively new snack shop called Amy’s. I’m not sure whether it is related to this one, only a block away. The branding and signage appears pretty different, but who knows?

I’m also not sure whether either of them are related to the pair of Amy’s that have suspended their present dispute at the TTAB of the USPTO, in order to have the federal district court in Austin, Texas decide not only the right to register, but the right to use. Sound familiar?

Anyway, within the last several days, the federal court in Austin, Texas, ruled that a trial will be necessary to decide the disputed issues of fact regarding whether likelihood of confusion exists as between the different Amy’s.

So, it’s probably fair to say, the dispute will be going “for a while, maybe longer.”

If my name is Amy, and I’m wanting to start a small business, and I’m seeing this trademark mess, I’m falling out of love pretty quickly with my personal name as my business name!

If your name is Amy, what you wanna do?