It’s the week before Super Bowl, the week when I can’t look at my Twitter feed.  Why?  Well because I follow Ad Age, Adweek, the Minneapolis Egotist, and enough of you creative folks that my feed has been inundated with previews of Super Bowl ads over the past few days.  While the information is enticing, I consider myself a purist who must wait until the Big Game before I see any of the Super Bowl ads.   The halftime shows have been terrible, so what other reason is there for a Minnesotan to watch the Super Bowl other than for the ads?

My family always ranks each ad, we groan at the many lame and poorly executed concepts that someone spent millions on, and, at the end of the game, we announce our favorites.   Maybe you do something similar at your parties — it’s certainly something we’ve done with the DuetsBlog team since I joined.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on their favorite ad, which you will find in newspapers around the country and from anyone on Twitter with two thumbs.   Given that, I should have come up with a clever name and trophy for an award for the best Super Bowl ad because there’s never been an established “winner”…

Deflating that grand idea, in steps the Clio Awards, some of the most prestigious awards in advertising.  According to Adweek, the Clio Awards has established the Clio Creative Bowl, “a juried competition to find the top commercial aired during the Big Game on Feb. 1.”  What took them so long.  Jury members include creative officers from top agencies, including Adweek’s Agency of the Year, droga5 (who if that sounds familiar, we mentioned them here).  The winners will be announced on Monday.

And it’s a super-sized award – the Super Clio.

Maybe DuetsBlog needs to establish its own Oscar or Clio – the Duey Awards – to celebrate Duey’s 6th birthday.   What categories would you like to see?