Two months ago we discussed the impending issuance of U.S. Trademark Registration Number 5,000,000. That milestone has now come and gone, with Reg. No. 5,000,000 issuing on July 12, 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, COASTAL TACO BAR + CHILL:

5 million certificate

With the high failure rates of restaurants, there is a fair shot that Reg. No. 5,000,000 doesn’t make it to through a full registration term, but maybe I’ll see surprised. Besides, there could easily be a less interesting winner – at least this mark is registered on the Principal Register! Based on the restaurant’s website, I’d eat there if I ever find myself in Cleveland. Plus, it fills the combo Mexican restaurant/Yoga studio void that consumers have struggled with for decades.

Of course, if downward dogging it into a frozen strawberry margarita isn’t your thing, you won’t have to wait too long for a new milestone to celebrate. Since July 12, the Trademark Office has been issuing new registrations at a rate of about 4,800 per week. At that rate, we’ll be celebrating Reg. No. 6,000,000 in no time – August 2, 2020 to be exact.