PATRÓN (meaning “boss” or “landlord” in Spanish) is a pretty famous brand name of tequila (federally-registered since 1993), and don’t forget this gem from the archives:

SilverPatron In my experience, PATRÓN is often requested by name when ordering margaritas, so when visiting this cozy spot, I instantly wondered about the need for permission or a license:


Especially since EL merely means THE, and since PATRÓN tequila bottles adorn the place:


Turns out, there are other restaurant brand names sharing the PATRÓN term, already coexisting on the Principal Register (here, here, and here)

What does this say about the scope of rights associated with the PATRÓN tequila brand when it comes to third parties providing restaurant and bar services, especially those that serve tequila?

Seems like PATRÓN hasn’t been too “bossy” when it comes to trademark enforcement in the restaurant arena, what do you think?