Instead of saying the traditional Happy Thanksgiving exclamation this year, I thought I’d reframe it this way: Happy Thankfulness and Gratitude!

Thankfulness is a state of mind. It is a choice, a repeated fork in the road for each of us. Gratitude is a decision we can make and live, every minute of the day, every day of the year, even during moments of tension, confusion, and fear.

Turns out choosing to live with a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness is closely linked to the happiness most seek and many long for in their life.

With that, and recognizing how it is impossible for me to list all those who consistently remind me of my choice of thankfulness and gratitude, here are just a few highlights:

Please know that if you’re reading this now, whatever you’re thinking at the moment, I’m ever so thankful for you too, Happy Thankfulness and Gratitude!

As you experience Thanksgiving Day today, what reminders exist for you to choose a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude? And, what about tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?