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I’ve always been passionate about smartly designed, cleverly branded, and well-crafted products – from cars to craft beer to fashion to gadgets. My ad executive father and artistically gifted mother fostered an appreciation for the creative from a young age, but my aptitude for math and fixing things eventually led me to become an engineer. Through trips to the art museum, car shows, and many afternoons spent at the ad agency, I developed an interest in design and an understanding for the value of a strong brand. I feel incredibly fortunate that my job allows me to be an engineer and a creative, while helping entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, and companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries protect their designs and brands. .

Because my passions blend with my work, it’s hard not to think about the law even when I’m outside of the office, which helps me find topics for this blog. You can otherwise find me attempting a project at my house, engaging in a competitive board game with my family, hanging out at a brewery, researching for my fantasy football team (2015 WAFFL champs!), doing yoga, adding to my art collection, or reading a magazine on my iPad®.

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