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The hope for Zipcar: Be less like Avis, more like Redbox

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– Jason Voiovich, Director of Corporate Marketing, Logic PD I don’t like renting cars. I’m not sure I know many people who do. As a frequent business traveler, I’ve gotten better at running the gauntlet of terminal shuttles, slow lines, confusing kiosks, 5-point font paperwork, scratch and dent searches, smelly cars, and last-minute gas stations…. Continue Reading

An open letter to Avis on the advent of their new slogan: What was that again?

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-Dave Taylor, Owner, Taylor Brand Group Dear Avis, 50 years is a long time to sustain a slogan. Imagine the cultural change it has to navigate. Just look at the changes in the rental car industry since 1962. Yet your recently retired slogan, We Try Harder, survived and at least kept you in the number… Continue Reading