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Aaron Keller Explains the Physics of Brand

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We enjoyed connecting with our many friends at Fuse 2017 last week in Miami Beach, and experiencing the larger-than-life Martha Stewart and the living display of her fearless brand. One of the many Fuse highlights was experiencing Aaron Keller explain the Physics of Brand, Capsule’s third book — this one Aaron Keller co-authored with Renee… Continue Reading

Fellow Zealots:

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 —Karl Schweikart, partner and co-creative director, 45 Degrees/Minneapolis It’s validating to discover that branding is not a topic just for designers to geek on. As a partner in a design firm focused on brand identity work, I find the community Duets has pulled together to be a vibrant and informative group to hang with. I… Continue Reading

The Designed Economy

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 —Aaron Keller, Managing Principal at Capsule The pattern of our society evolving from agrarian to manufacturing to service economy has been identified by many authors (Joseph Pine and Joe Gilmore being my favorites). Now, the next economy has been predicted to be everything from the information economy, the digital economy, the experience economy and many… Continue Reading