Like most people, I look forward to summer with great anticipation. But amidst the sunny skies and good times there is one thing I dread: BBQ chitchat. I am no wallflower, I just know inevitably it will circle to the question I fear most, “So, what do you do?"

Stuttering, I produce the blandest description, jolting the conversation to a halt. I start with the simple truth, “Branding.” Which generally is met with a blank stare, so I go a little deeper, “I mean, Brand Consulting.” The raised eyebrow forces me to admit defeat: “… uh… marketing?” People politely nod at my conversation killer, turn to my fiancé, and squeal, “Tell me more about being a pilot!”

What I do is challenging, creative and, frankly, really cool. My inability to meaningfully describe it is shameful because I consider myself an expert at helping others succinctly express what they do. Although I’ll take some blame, ultimately I look to the entire branding industry as playing a large role. 

The industry has grown and become more recognized, and it’s also become simultaneously diluted and confusing. “Branding” clearly needs to take a dose of it’s own medicine and rebrand itself.Continue Reading It’s Time to Rebrand Branding