–Dan Kelly, Attorney

After a nearly four-year run, I am hanging up my keyboard as a regular contributor to DuetsBlog. I have accepted new employment, so I am bidding bon voyage to Winthrop & Weinstine, and with it, my regular writing here. In my blogging career here, I have written some 140 posts on a

What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for so much: Family, friends, and faith, to name just a few.

Here at DuetsBlog, I’m so thankful for the inspiration to continue blogging more than three and a half years after we launched on March 5, 2009. I’m also thankful for each of my creative, talented, and

It’s Thanksgiving—we’ve all got food on the brain. I’m sure we can agree that Thanksgiving is a great excuse to take in excessive calories of turkey and cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie…(yum). Sweet potatoes. Green beans…Anyway…where was I? Oh yes. Excuses.

Since Thanksgiving is one of those few times a year most of America is “on