–Dan Kelly, Attorney

The Minnesota Twins are opening a new outdoor ballpark next year.  At the end of last year, the Twins mailed me a nifty little digital timer that was pre-set to countdown to opening day for the 2010 season.  (These timers hit 500 days back in November.)  While I am an enthusiastic Twins fan, I am also admittedly a geeky engineer, and my first thought was, “I wonder if the battery is going to last until opening day 2010?”

Yesterday morning, I discovered the answer:

Let us hope that this is not some sort of portent for opening day 2010!

The Twins should look into getting their money back from the supplier.  This is a good reminder that in a contract for a supply of promotional goods, especially ones with batteries, make sure the seller warrants that they’ll do the job.

Now, for the really geeky engineer types, it looks like I will be able to replace the batteries and reset the clock.  Innards detailed after the jump.Continue Reading When Promos Go Wrong