When trademark owners are accused of bullying and shamed in public, a common and knee-jerk defensive response to justify the cease and desist letter or enforcement action is: “We have a legal duty and obligation to police and enforce our trademark rights.” And, some might even go on to say: “If we don’t enforce our

In the midst of all our discussion about “trademark bullying,” I couldn’t resist picking up this “No Bull” postcard from Manny’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You may recall Dan previously wrote about Manny’s promoting similar images with the phrase “One Helluva Sac Lunch”. Dan also noted the irony of the best beef coming

It appears the topic of “trademark bullies” has been trending up recently. (For example, Steve Baird posted about an interesting Webinar that he moderated about dealing with “trademark bullies.”) Since I’m a shameless bandwagon jumper and fad follower (just ask my Pet Rock), I figured I’d write my own trademark bullying post in an