Really, Trolls-R-Us?

Seriously, I stumbled upon the above web site last evening (without using this online tool), doing some research for a future blog post on trolls, and it really left me with just one question.

No need to dwell on such mundane topics as likelihood of confusiondilution, or even fair use defenses, instead, I was left wondering, just how many days (hours or minutes?) before Geoffrey, LLC, owner of the famous R Us family of marks (Kids R Us, Babies R Us, and Toys R Us, among others), stops what appears to be an unauthorized use of the "R Us" trademark for an online retail site selling troll dolls?

Given Geoffrey’s prior success against the likes of "Drains-R-Us" for plumbing services, and "Teeth-R-Us" for dental services, I’m thinking any trademark enforcement effort against Trolls-R-Us would be much more like taking candy (or perhaps, toys) from a baby. Do you suppose that Lit’l Bits Collectibles will be trolling for a new tagline soon?

Well, maybe one more question comes to mind, how do you suppose Geoffrey goes about the important business of prioritizing its trademark enforcement efforts and resources?