DuetsBlog was born out of the chasm that can divide legal and marketing types. Sometimes this separation can be explained by the difference between left and right brain dominance. Sometimes it is driven by arrogance or rigidity. Sometimes Dr. No is the root of the problem, standing in the way of progress and stifling important business goals. Other times, simple oversight is the culprit. Whatever the reason, this divergence can be a formidable obstacle to early coordination, planning, and dialogue between legal and marketing teams. When this happens, most certainly the opportunity for an organization to be strategic, create and own great value, and protect it, is diminished, if not lost altogether. DuetsBlog is our effort to facilitate a more ambidextrous approach and promote early—and very graceful—collaborations among legal and marketing teams.

[Click here to view a funny take on the chasm as seen by the owners of the Coke Zero® brand.]

[Click here to view our favorite comic strip illustrating the chasm between trademark lawyers and everyone else.]

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