–Susan Perera, Attorney

Media spectacle, train wreck, or marketing bliss, it’s up to you, but you can’t escape the news about Charlie Sheen’s rambling webcasts, or the overnight success of his Sheen-isms. If you haven’t had your fill, feel free to take a moment at this website dedicated to sharing some of Sheen’s memorable statements.

Last week multiple news sources reported that Jimmy Buffett has applied to register the trademark “Tiger Blood” in connection with vodka and energy drinks. The Indiana IP & Tech Blog has a comprehensive discussion of the Tiger Blood mark.

Not surprisingly, there has been an explosion of other Sheen-isms at the Trademark Office too, including: WINNING, UH WINNING, WINNING!, and BI WINNING for a range of goods from rubber wristbands and tanning products, to T-shirts, hats, and athletic apparel.

So are Sheen’s catchy phrases marketing gold?  Will these trademark “trolls” ruffle Sheen’s “assassin feathers” and will we see litigation over these new marks? Stay tuned for trademark developments in this media roller coaster.

Until then… “Just sit back and enjoy the show.”