–Susan Perera, Attorney

Who doesn’t love a good commercial, because lets face it, there are plenty of sub-par ones out there.  And some brands have been more consistent in creating entertaining commercials than others.

Maybe you’ve seen Volkswagen’s recently released “High-Five” commercial for the 2012 Beetle that contains some catchy music and is reminiscent of Volkswagen’s older “Punch-Dub” commercial.     Last year Steve discussed the success of the “Punch-Dub” commercial in entertaining and creating a following of youthful individuals playing the “punch” game.

So will the “High-Five” commercial be as successful as “Punch-Dub”?  I have yet to see anyone high-five at the sight of a Beetle.   Maybe the folks over at Volkswagen are just tired of having bruised arms?  Or maybe Volkswagen is interested in attracting a slightly more mature audience for the Beetle, but still hopes to play off the success of “Punch-Dub”?  What are your thoughts on this campaign?


And in case you’ve already forgotten Volkswagen’s other well-received commercial this year….