– Derek Allen, Attorney –

A recent lawsuit combines a number of things that are surely ruining today’s youth: internet memes, the Nintendo DS, and side-scrolling video games (actually, that last one ruined my generation.  Thanks Super Mario Bros., Contra Force, and Ninja Gaiden!)  The game series at issue in the suit, Scribblenauts, allows players to summon some of the most popular internet memes to aid the player through various puzzles.

The owners of two of those memes, Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat, filed suit against the Scribblenauts developers because the developers forgot to ask permission/pay for the use of those memes in the game (a real Scumbag Steve move if you ask me).  Keyboard Cat, described as a “cat, Fatso, wearing a shirt and sitting upright with its paws on the keys of an electric keyboard,” and Nyan Cat (pictured), “a character with a cat’s face and a body resembling a horizontal breakfast bar with pink frosting sprinkled with light red dots, flies across the screen, leaving a stream of exhaust in the form of a bright rainbow in its wake,” appear to be the first internet memes at the heart of a lawsuit.  We’ll keep you updated on this case’s progress (like Good Guy Greg would).