A Hoppy Halloween from all of us ghoulish folks here at DuetsBlog!

Spending for Halloween this year is likely to hit $11 billion dollars, possibly more than is spent decorating for Christmas.  This fact is easily witnessed in many neighborhoods around town, especially this one where just about every house has some sort of Halloween decoration.

Although not pictured here, I also found a creepy Santa statute with a bloody head mere blocks from where a drunken zombie Santa recently traumatized some teenagers by unwittingly breaking into their home after a rough night out.

So with all this spending on Halloween, and the number of novelty items that can be purchased for the holiday, I thought it might be fun to peruse patents and patent applications for your trick-or-treating necessities.

First, there is the all-important costume.

In the age of Frozen, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Spiderman, you have to wonder what Disney, Marvel and Hasbro make off of costume licensing.

For your child, you’ll probably want something “weather and climate adaptive,” breathable, and reflective.

Your teenage boy probably wants something that oozes blood.

And you may just want something funny.

You’ll need a vessel for collecting candy.

The bigger and easier to haul around, the better.  Wheels and a handle?  Check.

Don’t forget to say “Trick or Treat.”

Here’s a patent application for a candy bag incorporating a speaker activated by a remote managed by the parent, where you can zap (er, gently remind) your trick-or-treater to say those magic words (along with a “thank you”).

But be wary of what may lurk in the yard.

This is a little creepy.


 Have a safe and sugary Halloween!