–Dan Kelly, Attorney

As we hit the ides of November, we are nearing the proverbial calm before the storm of the holidays. What you probably do not know is that we are but two, short days away from a little-known holiday before the Holidays, one that celebrates the preparation for the Holidays. This, of course, could only be National Bundt Day.

The first National Bundt Day was declared in 2006, the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the company that is the source of the Bundt® pan: Nordic Ware. This family-owned company, legally incorporated as Northland Aluminum Products, Inc., is located on the outskirts of our own Minneapolis, Minnesota, and specializes in aluminum and other cookware. Nordic Ware has sold more than 60 million Bundt® pans, estimated to be enough to be in two out of three U.S. households. According to Nordic Ware, the word BUNDT, a coined term and registered trademark for cake pans, is derived from the German word “bund,” which means “a gathering of people.” Adding to the uniqueness of Nordic Ware, the company still manufactures in the United States (in Minneapolis), and openly states, “in the marketplace struggle between price and quality, quality wins every time.”  Amen.

Although Nordic Ware makes Bundt® pans in numerous shapes and sizes, and has even registered the shape of one of its unique pans as a trademark, it doesn’t appear that Nordic Ware has sought to register its “original” shape Bundt® pan as a trademark, but it probably could:

Indeed, the Bundt is iconic and enjoyed by peoples of all cultures and ethnicities.

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Happy baking!