You may recall the Gatorade v. Powerade false advertising lawsuit filed by a Pepsico entity (Stokely-Van Camp, Inc.) against rival The Coca-Cola Company back in April, discussed here (with a copy of the complaint).

You also may recall how G scored an F in the courtroom, back in August, losing a hotly contested motion for preliminary injunctive relief, discussed here.

So, I guess it was only a matter of time before G decided the case wasn’t worth breaking a sweat over any longer.

Interestingly, the Stipulation and Order ending the case, has the owner of the Gatorade brand dismissing with prejudice (meaning they can never be reasserted) all claims it had asserted in the lawsuit against Powerade brand owner Coca-Cola. 

It shows Coca-Cola only dismissing with prejudice its affirmative defenses and counterclaim, "insofar as they specifically address [Gatorade’s] marketing, labeling, advertising and/or promotional claims concerning the inclusion of calcium and/or magnesium in Gatorade Endurance Formula." All other defenses and claims asserted by Coca-Cola were dismissed without prejudice (meaning they are not barred from being reasserted in the future).

Given this unequal treatment in the settlement, it would appear that Gatorade was more anxious to end the case than Powerade.

Recalling that Gatorade and Powerade battled in court over advertising claims back in 2006, any predictions on how long until these two sports drink brand rivals slug it out again in court?