— Laura Gutierrez

You might have some idea of what I’m doing over there on the DuetsBlog sidebar. Or not. Either way, I can solve the “mystery.” Not an attorney, and don’t pretend to be one, but I do work with attorneys at Winthrop & Weinstine as their marketing communications coordinator, and that involves working on the backend of the blog (which isn’t much of a task, these attorneys read, edit and post their own stuff!). I also currently act as the “face” behind @DuetsBlog (this explains why I’m never giving out legal advice).

Hello! Nice to meet you all.

You’ll be seeing more of me. I’ll be doing this bi-monthly (plan accordingly), and my idea is to share stories from the marketing side of the conversation. A total Internet addict, I love reading blogs daily and always have one ear to the ground.

Now, I’m a real conversationalist, as much as I like to talk, I like to listen. So…if you found a great or unique story, send it my way! I’d love to hear from you: duetsblog[at]gmail[dot]com. (I’ll accept blatant pitches for your own blog, as long as I like it). ;)

Here are a few items that piqued my interest this week:

  • Sharon blogged about it yesterday, NBC’s “Bob the Trainer” bashes the Minneapolis hot spot Bar La Grassa because the restaurant refused to cancel on regular patrons. Heroic? Eh. They may have gained new customers by not letting a “celebrity” bully his way in via Twitter, but they’re not earning any points by ignoring social media platforms.
  • Bing steals Google’s search results. Microsoft denies, but Google can apparently prove it. Do I foresee lawsuit coming? Does Google own the rights to their searches, and if so, what is to be done about it? Should be an interesting battle of the giants.
  • The Super Bowl is Sunday, and that means sitting through lots of advertising. Rumor has it, Salesforce.com will have two spots on Salesforce Chatter, which looks vaguely familiar. It’s an interesting move, promoting cloud computing business solutions. Still, it makes sense, because I know plenty of business owners that will be watching. I’m sure Super Bowl ad “heavyweights” like Budweiser and Coca-Cola will have spots, I’m always interested to see if they’re able to reinvent their brand year after year. Let me know what you think about this year’s ads after Sunday.

To be continued…