Apparently has led to the creation of a new blog entitled Trademark Bully — Kindly Back Off!

The domain was registered just days ago, by someone who has shielded their identity (doesn’t real blogging require transparency?) and it resolves to a WordPress Blog, with a couple of initial posts from yesterday.

It also reveals the blog’s intended purpose this way:

We represent people who are dedicated to bring exposure to trademark bullying and to help victims who feel helpless in the face of a bullying attempt.  If you believe someone is trying to use trademark law and litigation tactics unfairly in order to put an end to your business, share your story here.  We believe there is a difference between  separate  review your case, and if we find that you are a victim of a trademark bully, we will publicize your case on this site.  In the meantime, please visit our Bully Victim Help Center, where you will find various resources to help you stave off this bullying attempt.

Victims:  As of now, one of the few effective ways to fight trademark bullying is to bring public attention to this practice.  By submitting your case you will be informing consumers and the public of cases where trademark owners attempt to enforce their trademark rights beyond a reasonable interpretation of the scope of the rights granted to them.

Consumers:  Trademark bullying affects us all, not only those who are bullied directly.  Bullies stifle competition, thereby artificially raising prices on their products, and putting a strangle hold on our ability to innovate and introduce exciting new products into the market place.

Since there is not much content yet on the page entitled Bully Victim Help Center, looks like your best bet is still to attend the highly anticipated live webinar tomorrow at 1:15 PM CST: “Strategies for Dealing With Trademark Bullies.”