Hat tip to Jack Clifford for providing a copy of the USPTO’s April 27, 2011 Report to Congress, pdf is here.

I’ll be certain to circle back with you for another good “trademark bullying” discussion after digesting it.

  • Carl Vennitti

    I’m surprised at the number of respondents, 79, and saddened by the complacency shown by the countless number of people and businesses that have actually been affected. I am also humbled knowing that my multiple submissions didn’t warrant a C&D from the USPTO. Other than picking up on a couple of points that I had provided, it seems as though the bulk of the comments made it to the circular file and they revised the submissions by AIPLA and INTA. Obviously under pressure to sugar-coat the term ‘bully’, the need to set some type of standard vaporized leaving the entire issue un-addressed. As a victim, did I miss the Mark (no pun intended)?