Something like 8,000 trademark attorneys are wandering loose on the streets of San Francisco for the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting.

Once again, the main attraction was "Meet the Bloggers" — this edition happened to be "Meet the Bloggers VII" — where a record crowd crammed into Swig Bar a few hours ago, from 8:00 – 10:00 PM. Thanks Marty, John, and Ron for another great event!

For details and commentary leading up to the main event, see Marty Schwimmer’s Trademark BlogJohn Welch’s TTABlog, and Ron Coleman’s Likelihood of Confusion Blog. I’m looking  forward to seeing the photos that Ron was diligently flashing of the various riveting conversations.

In between counting the hours leading up to the main event, and in between some meetings here and there, I strolled the streets in the vicinity of the Moscone Convention Center, in search of single-letter-branding examples, also known as our very own AlphaWatch, and here are a few:

 A half a block from . . .

I’ll have others to share with you in the near future — I had a problem downloading the images.

So, until then, what do you think about the growing trend toward single letter brands and marks?