Recently I happened upon an interesting non-traditional, non-verbalfederally-registered trademark that is sure to inspire multiple naming/branding/design posts for me down the road, and I’m anticipating they’ll be so easy to write, I’ll probably do them while I sleep:

So, given that introduction, any guesses as to the brand identified by this floating feather image?

Any guesses as to what goods or services are presumed to be identified by the floating feather?

If you guessed this, you’d be right, you’d be amazing, and to celebrate your amazingness, if you’re ever in town, and you take an oath you don’t have inside knowledge, aren’t always this amazing, and didn’t peak at the above link or the tags below before answering, I’ll buy you a drink of something.

  • Capsule Design

    Athletic supporter? This is my guess before clicking on the link.

  • Capsule Design

    Well, well, well, not what I had expected. And, I missed out on the free drink.

  • Brent Carlson-Lee


  • stevebaird

    Great guesses, Aaron and Brent, and since both of you are in town, I’ll buy you a drink of something anyway!

  • Always enjoy a good quiz, Steve – I would have to say that the feather reminds me of DreamWorks’ half moon.

  • John Reinan

    The only thing I can think of is Forrest Gump, but that doesn’t seem like a brand in the sense Steve is talking about.

  • Matt Kucharski

    My first thought, like John, was that it was Forrest Gump, but I also remember one of the mattress companies — might have been Serta or Sealy (are there any other ones??) that used the feather icon as well — had an image of a feather landing on the mattress.

    The post begs another question, though — how do you pronounce ZzzQuil??

  • stevebaird

    Guys, honestly all I remember from Forrest Gump is the way he ran and something about a box of chocolates, so I guess I’ll have to dig deeper for what I obviously missed there.
    Matt, I think you’re supposed to pretend you’re a honey bee when trying to pronounce ZzzQuil — by the way, does the length time spent on the opening sound impact the number of syllables:)?