– Derek Allen, Attorney –

The front page of Duetsblog currently features a topless woman, eleven people in their underwear, and so many posts involving alcohol that I’m starting to get a little concerned about what Tim and Steve are doing up on the 35th floor during work hours.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but if our recent posts are some type of Freudian slip that reveal their authors’ subconscious desires, then there are two important take-aways for our readers: first, Anjali is probably your best bet if you need an attorney because she posted about coffee, and second, I’m going to need one of you to come to my office ASAP to remove the scissors Tiffany inevitably embeds in my neck after I point out that she posted about Botox.

I’m not really sure where to take this post from there, but I liked the lede so much that I’m not changing it.  So I guess I’ll just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, especially the Green Bay Packers as they attempt to save their season against the notoriously dirty Detroit Lions.