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Truncating an Underwear Brand: JK, JKY?

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As you know, we’ve spun a lot of fabric over the last few years on the topic of brand and trademark truncation. Marketers seem to love the informality, emotionality, and efficiency of truncated brand names. I suppose trademark types love them too, since they can have the tendency to spin off a variety of complicated legal issues — all… Continue Reading

Onesie of a Kind?

Posted in Genericide, Infringement, Law Suits, Loss of Rights, Trademarks

–Dan Kelly, Attorney I have been a parent for a little less than a year now, and I made a shocking discovery this week:  ONESIES is a registered trademark.  I found this out from a news article that Gerber Childrenswear is suing California Christiania Republic (“CCR”) for infringement of of the ONESIES mark for CCR’s “one*Z”… Continue Reading