Brent Carlson-Lee 

Like a growing number of consumers, I pay attention to where my food comes from. For most products, quality and price still rule but food miles can break a tie.

But when I’m searching for specialty products, authenticity plays a big role. And country of origin is a key attribute, so much so that the European Union has jumped into the fray.

Do I trust Spanish wine? Of course. Do I trust Norwegian lefse? Yep. Do I trust Italian pepperoni? Sure do…but where exactly is THIS pepperoni from?

Let’s break it down.

The packaging is reminiscent of the Italian flag, but Jefferson is a decidedly un-Italian name. Must not be Italian.

And that outline looks a lot more like Wisconsin than the Italian “boot.” Maybe it’s from Wisconsin? It does say “Wisconsin Quality.” Must be made in Wisconsin.

But wait a minute, just below “Wisconsin Quality” it states “Made in Kansas.”

So apparently this is Italian-inspired, Wisconsin-quality pepperoni made in Kansas…by a company with a mailing address in Arkansas.

I’ll pass.