SaveYourAssBillboardIt has been a while since I’ve seen a billboard in the Twin Cities worth writing about, but this one engaged my attention. Let’s hope for more as our weather turns for the better.

It appears the Minnesota Department of Health is continuing its billboard campaign prodding folks to get a colonoscopy, remember these gems from two years ago?

CoverYourButtMDHAdSkirtMDHAdPullYourHeadOutMDH AdComparing the currently running “Save your Ass” billboard (there I said it) at the top of this post, to those from two years ago, illustrates the point that sequels rarely better the original.

Interesting to me is that MDH’s “Cover Your Butt” billboard uses softer words, but a harsher image, and this season it chose to flip the proposition in favor of covering the harsher word with a softer image of a playful donkey, to bring the double meaning to life.

The billboard campaign is not without controversy, so marketing types, what say you, and which of these is your favorite and why?