Last Fall this billboard ad promoted the wildly popular Panda Express restaurants.

What caught my eye is the verbing of the brand name that some say is a no-no.

This is not a black and white issue for me (pun intended), and I have spilled more than a bit of digital ink on the important trademark and brand verbing question:

There should be no pandemonium when it comes to verbing the Panda brand.

The far more likely pandemonium may occur when the last of the Giant Pandas (currently leased in the United States) are returned from ZooAtlanta to China later this year, unless there is an extraordinary diplomatic event in the meantime.

Thankfully, the generous founders of the Panda Express fast casual Chinese restaurant chain aren’t leasing their Panda marks (they are owned by the company), so perhaps Panda Express might be the best place for Giant Panda lovers to congregate once the last Giant Pandas (Lun Lun, Yang Yang, Ya Lun, and Xi Lun) on U.S. soil are returned to China before the end of the year.